#1 Run / Walk or Jog at least one mile a day.

#2 The mile has to be a dedicated mile each day. Adding up the steps that you take going about your normal daily routine does not count. The mile has to be a conscious dedicated mile for the challenge.

#3 Riding a bike for a mile does not count.

#4 The mile can be outside or inside.  Treadmill miles are perfectly ok.

#5 You need to track your mile daily. You can use a sport watch, your phone, any device that uses GPS to track mileage or you can do an “old school” mile and just write it down.

#6 Submit proof of your miles completed at the end of the challenge to be eligible for prizes

#7 Miss one day of the streak not getting your mile, for any reason, and you are disqualified.  You cannot do two miles the next day and have it make up for the day you missed.

#8 No negative comments in the community. Only positive, encouraging and uplifting support will be accepted.

#9 No political discussions or comments will be allowed.  This is a place where people can come together to support one another, politics often divides people instead of bringing them together.